Monday, January 2, 2012

The Business Of Cleaning

Starting your own cleaning business can be a daunting task, but it can be easy enough if you find the right help. First of all, you should have enough money to start up. If that requires getting a loan from the bank, do it; to make money you have to spend money. After acquiring sufficient funds, you will need to start spending; things on your shopping list should include: cleaning supplies, many workers, a location to run your business out of, and maybe even vans to ship your workers out. After completing all of these, you will need to determine what type of cleaning business that you want to operate. There are several choices, including private home cleaning, office cleaning, industrial cleaning, or even specialized cleaning, such as the inside of cars or even cleaning places like schools or churches. Depending on what field you choose, you will need different supplies, but they will all be very similar jobs.
Once you have made all of your purchases, you will need to get all of your necessary licenses, generally you will need to register with the Better Business Bureau, and then follow all of your state's particular guidelines for regulations of personal cleaning businesses. You may be able to bypass these if you operate a cleaning franchise, like The Maids or another business. Depending on what you do, this may be the most difficult part of running your own cleaning business.
Next, you will most likely need to hire workers. Secretaries, vacuumers, scrubbers, dusters, cleaners, drivers, you name it. Good screening of potential employees will ensure that your business will run, well, cleanly. You will need at least one crew full of people that can do one job (like cleaning one house or building), and this crew will need their own supplies and equipment. Also, you will need vehicles that can transport your employees from the home base to the place that needs to be clean. Once your business is all ready to go, you will need to find customers. A good place to begin is with close friends and family members who can be given services for free or at a reduced price, and they will do you the favor of spreading the word around town about your new business. Also, advertising is a good idea, things like placing your logo on trucks, vans, signs, and in the paper and on the news will help you get your first customers. One final thing to consider is to have a discount available, just so you can get new customers used to your service.
Once your business is in full swing, you will need to regularly maintain by always paying your bills, ensuring that you have happy customers, and especially keep your employees happy. You must likely want to give them as little as possible so that they are happy, but you will still be making money. Make sure you are stocked up on cleaning supplies, and make sure your equipment is working. At this point, you may want to hire an accountant to deal with your money flow, and find ways to make more cash out of what you are doing. For example, you may want to purchase a different brand of cleaner for cheaper, or you may have some of your employee's multi-task.
All in all, running a business is difficult, and specializing in cleaning is especially difficult, as you can have regular customers, but your services are only needed every couple of months. However, it is a good thing that you don't need many customers to make profit, as cleaning is an expensive chore. So good luck on owning your own business; you'll need it.

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