Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things To Know Before Doing An MBA

Are you considering doing an MBA? There may be a lot of reasons why you want to do an MBA. You may be someone who has been working in the same organization for a number of years without being promoted even once or you may be someone who wants to make it big in the corporate world and think that doing an MBA after your graduation is your best bet. Whatever it is, knowing a few things before you enroll into a management course is a good idea.
1. MBA may be losing its sheen
No matter what anyone tells you, the truth is that MBA may be losing some of its sheen. The media is increasingly reporting examples from the corporate world that people with management degrees are not being considered to be demi-gods anymore! Yes, that's right. There was a time when MBAs were the ones who left everyone behind while climbing the ladder of success. They were the ones who had the promotions and the best pay packages. But not anymore. As the global economic times continue to plummet, it is the people with real work experience and work-related skills who are being considered more important than MBAs. However, that is not to say that doing an MBA is not worthwhile anymore. They are still relevant in most sectors though their shine may just be waning a bit
2. Getting work experience necessary
A lot of graduates jump into the MBA scene right after their graduation. This may not be a very smart move. The best bet for you at this point of time is to get yourself some work experience in the field you want to make a career in and then do an MBA.
3. Is choosing a part-time degree a good idea?
A lot of people mull their heads over it. We think that choosing a part-time management degree is a wonderful idea. This follows from the last point where it was pointed out that work experience is important. So considering that you already have a day job, it would be a good idea to do your MBA part-time, may be taking night classes. There are many Executive MBA programs offered by premier institutions as well and they are specially designed for working professionals.
4. Ask your organization whether they will sponsor you
A lot of organizations sponsor their employee's education. It is a good idea to ask your boos whether the organization would fund your MBA. Though we don't know for sure, chances are that your organization may sponsor your degree. It is a great way of saving the educational expenses and getting your degree. It will keep your organization in the loop and may even help you secure a promotion.

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